Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Will Impale Pope Benedict XVI

This is a posted press release from a few weeks back.

21 Jun 07

Satanic President Candidate Declares War On The Catholic Church and Promises To Impale Pope Benedict XVI

2008 VWP Party President Candidate Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey today during an interview with ABC News ( declared a "Holy War" on the Catholic Church. Here is what Jonathon stated;

Greetings My Fellow Americans and Media,

Since the beginning of their conception, the Catholic Church has a been nothing more than a source of pure evil and the downfall of many civilizations throughout mankind's history.

They were the main reason behind the witch hunts, and persecution of those of the Pagan and Wiccan beliefs.

They idle allowed Hitler to murder 6 million innocent Jews, without lifting a finger to stop it.

The Catholic Church is suppose to be so powerfully, yet they are the weakest domination in Christianity.

I am an Ordained Satanic Dark Priest, and am extremely proud of being so. When was the last time you hear a Satanic Dark Priest rape an innocent child, like Catholic Priests have done for centuries?

Never. Why? Because Satanic Priests enjoy beautiful women, not little boys.

The Catholic Church for decades has protected their priests, whom have committed illegal acts. Especially involving molesting innocent alter boys.

Though I feel each religion has a Constitutional Right to practice their beliefs, I feel the time has come to end the reign of terror caused by the Catholic Church.

I openly admit, I am presently in love with a very beautiful and special girl who is Catholic. However, through my involvement with her, I have experienced one too many Catholics speaking with a forked tongue. Telling me what would Jesus do involving the treatment of criminals I wish to Impale. Even talking to me about being judgmental, and reminding me of the incident when Jesus told an angry crowd; "he is without sin may cast the first stone."

Then the following day, shows how judgmental and hypocritical they truly are, and turn on someone.

As President, I will immediately order my Death Dealers to close and destroy all Catholic Churches in America. I will outlaw Catholicism. In my eyes, the Catholic Church is no different than the Church of Satan, Nation of Islam, and the KKK.

I will order the execution of every priest and nun in America. Any American found guilty of practicing Catholicism will be executed. Maybe I'll burn them on an Impaling Stake!

The Catholic Church is a cancer upon not only America, but the world as well. They spread false information and mislead people in the their ways of beliefs. Even Christian based Church's condemn the Catholic Church.

Additionally, I will accompany my International Death Dealers (Poland, Germany, UK, Romania, Russia and Australia) and attack the Vatican, then take Pope Benedict XVI prisoner. I will torture, dismember, then Impaled that bitch! He is the head of the Catholic Church, hence he should be responsible for what his priests and nuns are doing.

I will also negotiate with other world leaders to ban Catholicism in their countries as well.

The ever growing cancer upon the world of Catholicism needs to be eradicated. Before anymore innocent people are hurt.

On a political note - I hope you will read my interview with ABC News that will be on their website; this weekend.

On an IMPALING note, I have a new number 1 person to be impaled upon becoming President - IN Air National Guard Master Sergeant Jeffery Hite. He is also Catholic. I plan on using my connections with DOD (Department of Defense) in DC to have him Court Martial, and use other federal agencies I have connections with, to personally and professionally destroy him. Bush is now second on my list! Catholics are now my enemies (except for a few), just like God The Father is.

I will announce my personal Impaling List of people on 13 Aug 07)

I ask that everyone read Chapter 13 (13 is my favorite number) of the Book of Revelations. Remember, I love Dragons and the sea. A reporter from Weird NJ Magazine ( asked me during an interview last week, if I was the Biblical Dragon. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. I am a Servant of Lucifer and the Goddess Hecate. That is all I'll admit to at this time.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey

Without a doubt, the Catholic Church and The Vatican are the true source of evil, pain, suffering and the downfall of mankind. The sooner the people of this world united and eliminate the Catholic Church, the better this world will be.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey


thedouginator said...

Just wanted to say good luck with your campaign...I hope everything goes well for you

Jonathon The Impaler said...

Thank you very much...

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler"