Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Open Letter To The KKK and Other Terrorists

Greetings To All Member Of The KKK and Other Terrorists Organization,

OK, let's just say for a moment you bunch of unrealistic, gutless, demented idiots have your way here in America, and you succeed in eliminating the groups of people you are targeting; Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and everyone who will not conform to your beliefs.

And let's say that you really get your way and you destroy the American way of life, that millions have fought for, and hundredths of thousands have died in defense of, since our Founding Father's established these rights and beliefs during their fight for Independence.

I believe that in your private fantasy world, that you all have created in your little idiot minds, you're living in an Utopian world, where everybody would live in accordance to your will. Not by the rights they have been given. And you will have exterminated those of different beliefs and race.

Well I have news for you all. WAKE UP! Americans are fighter. We unite when we are attacked. Look at what happened after 9-11.

Listen up members of the KKK and others who spread messages of hate and oppression, you're pathetic losers (including the Catholic Church), who will never accomplish your goals.

America is the melting pot of the world. We consist of different ethnic, religious and racial groups. And it will always be that way.

Granted, we have brain dead idiots running this country, especially in The White House. But, we are survivors. We are enduring the mistakes of the present administration.

You bunch of pitiful, idiotic, waste of sperm cells think you will accomplish what no one else has in over 200 years. You're dead wrong.

Back in April Daniel Carver you threaten and harass me over the phone. You called me a NIGGER. You tried to insult my religious beliefs. Yet, the only think that happen, was you realized my Death Dealers were not only real, but true to their name.

I am tired of reading how the KKK are targeting minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics. Of late it seems your targeting Mexicans. Well, if they were born here, they have a right to be here. Deal with it, or leave America.

Maybe try moving to Iraq or Iran, I am sure you'll fit right in with the terrorists there. After all, we have black, Hispanic, Jewish Americans fighting there. You can try attacking them. But, unlike your targets here in America, those soldiers are highly armed. They'd be able to shoot back without fear of prosecution.

When groups like you, attack and say hateful things against minorities, I take it to heart. Two of my children are half-Cuban. Their mother was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Hence, you are attacking my blood with your statements.

Anyone with the KKK, or any other terrorist group that has a problem with me, I am not hard to find.

In August I'll be in Brunswick, Ohio. If you want, come attack me here. I'll IMPALE you right on the front lawn on City Hall.

During this month of September, I'll be back home in Jersey and then in New York and later in the month Washington, DC. If you show up in DC, I'll IMPALE you right in Front Lawn of The White House and show King George Worthless Bush how to deal with terrorists.

In Jersey, if you want to attack me there, I'll feed you to the sharks.

I am an American by Birth. Romanian Vampyre by Blood. Victory is my birthright. And I will not rest until all groups that spread hatred and oppression are terminated from this world.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey

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