Sunday, December 24, 2006

American BLOOD is thicker than...

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

You have all heard the saying; “blood is thicker than water.” Well, I feel American Blood is thicker and better than OIL!

However, King George “Worthless” Bush and his cronies seem to not agree with me. The salary of the President is about $400,000 a year. He made over $10.5 million last year (2005).

Where did he made the extra money? His oil stock for sure!

This Holiday Season, there are American families mourning the lost of their loved ones. What has King George lost? Nothing! No one in the bush family has to worry about being killed in combat, in an effort to protect oil.

Why are we forcing this Country’s (or better yet the President’s) beliefs on people of another country?

Muslims and Islamic people have been fighting for centuries. Who are we to walk into their country and escalate their hatred of us?

I am a Satanic Sanguinary Vampyre and Hecate Witch. I will never try to shove my God and Goddess upon anyone. Yet, Bush is shoving his beliefs not only on Americans, but the world.

This is the time of year for everyone to celebrate and be happy with our loved ones. However, because of our King George, there are many who are suffering the lost of a loved one.

American blood is not only thicker than oil, but more precious as well!

Happy Holidays.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The American Vampyre is out for BLOOD!

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

When I was 15, I entered the world of politics. I did so, because I was tired of seeing innocent people suffer, and I wanted to help make their lives better.

I was groomed to be like John F. Kennedy. My birth first name was; John, after President Kennedy. When I was 18, I decided to change it to; Jonathon. I thought it sounded more mature. I do prefer Jonathon over John.

At 17 years, 6 months, and 26 days of life, I entered active duty in the Army. I followed in my Uncle Bobby's footsteps. To me, my Uncle Bobby is the greatest man I've ever meet. He served and fought for our Country in WWII, the Korean War, as well as in Vietnam. He was a "LIFER" as they say in the military.

Though I can never hold a candle, to my Uncle Bobby, I share his passion for America.

On 13 Jan 06, I officially announced my candidacy for Governor of Minnesota. Though my main desire at that time was (and still is) to become President in 2008, I was sincere about serving Minnesotans. I wanted to make their lives better. These people have been suffering since they voted for Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Unlike Ventura, I am able to work with Republicans and Democrats, for the betterment of the people I serve.

The media mocked me, when I admitted to being a Satanic Sanguinary Vampyre and Hecate Witch. Because of their stupid ignorance, I was made to look foolish to the American Public. Whatever happened to the meaning behind; "The truth will set you free."

I am American by birth. Vampyre by BLOOD! In my veins, I have the blood of kings and great warriors. Victory is my birthright.

However, King George "Worthless" Bush and his cronies deprived not only me of my victory on 7 Nov 06, but the people of Minnesota.

Now, I am out for BLOOD! I am out for the BLOOD of those who attacks us on 9-11 and cause us to live everyday in fear of another attack, as well as caused the deaths of thousands of our service women and men.

I am out for the BLOOD of those who prey about the innocent. Those who attack and rape women, molest sweet innocent children, spread messages of hate, kill innocent defenseless Americans, sell the poisonous drugs, that destroy families and loved ones of the users. Those who DWI/DUI, repeatedly endanger the lives of innocent Americans.

And as I say in the Teaser Trailer for Impaler;
( ), if you attack the elderly; I WILL IMPALE you!

Yes, I am a Sanguinary Satanic Vampyre and Hecate Witch. Above all, I am an American. The American Constitution guarantees me the right to worship and live as I feel, as long as I'm not hurting anyone.

Do you think any of the Republican and Democrat Candidates for President in 2008, knows what it is like to struggle to make ends meet? Or know what it is like to be f'd by the system? Of course they don't. They are the system.

Our Founding Fathers were men and women of strength, courage and caring for all their people. They didn't have "Big Business" or political machines supporting them. They stood for all Americans, not SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS!

Like our Founding Fathers, I am dedicated to helping ALL AMERICANS! Can King George and his cronies say that?

On 4 Nov 08, you have a choice. You can vote for people you know who are known to show their loyalty to SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS and their Political Parties, or you can vote for a fighter like you.

The choice is yours!
Nel Sangue,
Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greetings My Fellow Americans...

Greetings My Fellow Americans and Media,

You know me as the Sanguinary Satanic Vampyre and Hecate Witch who on Friday the 13th of January this year announced my candidacy for Governor of Minnesota.

Though I fully sought and desired to help the people of Minnesota as their Governor, an evil from my past, even more evil that I am and can ever be, attacked me. This ended my quest for Governor.

In the world today, there are many evil people. Most are wolves in Christian Sheep clothing. The biggest is sitting in The Oval Office. King George “Worthless” Bush as I call him. He is in my eyes the main reason for the tragedy that occurred here on 9-11. Unlike when Ronald Reagan was President, our enemies don’t fear America or the President.

Our country is no longer looked upon with admiration, but as a joke. Why is our great country a joke?

Because the 3 presidents since Reagan, have been either; spineless, greedy, skirt chasing, and not to mention; lying hypocrites of their oaths of office.

A prime example of this; is recently when Valenzuela President Chavez while speaking at the UN mocked Bush, by calling him “the Devil.” Personally, I consider calling Bush the devil an insult upon my God. Chavez also went on to belittle our country. I challenge Chavez the next time he comes to America, to belittle my country in front of me. If he does, Chavez better have plenty of good doctors around, to put him back together again.

And now we have Mexico’s President wanting to have Duane “The Dog” Chapman extradited back to Mexico to be imprisoned for capturing convicted rapist Andrew Lester in their land, who was avoiding justice in America for his atrocities against women.

Mexico listen up! If you take the American “Dog” and imprison him, immediately upon becoming President I will order US Bombers to drop Hades’ Bombs upon specific targets in Mexico City, and while you’re attending to your city after I leveled it, I will have the US Army Special Forces break into the prison where “Dog” is being held captive, and bring him back home to America.

At the same time, my elite military group; The “Presidential Death Dealers” capture your President and bring him to me at The White House, where for the world to see, I will brutally torture, then Impale him.

No foreign country will ever hold an innocent American hostage or prisoner while I’m President. If they do, I will level their country, free the American, and Impale their President for his or her actions against my fellow American.

Not since the late and great President Ronald Reagan has this country been respected and feared worldwide.

The time for a change now. Like our Founding Fathers did on the 4th of July 1776, Americans need to Declare their Independence from the tyranny we are ALL suffering from.

The headlines are filled with stories of corrupt politicians, judges and law enforcement. Not to mention, how crime is at an all time high, and how we live in fear of attacks from terrorists and criminals everyday.

My fellow Americans, the time to end these tyrannies, and live again without fear of attacks is NOW.

Today is the beginning of a new hope for America’s future.

On 13 Sept 05 I filed my Statement of Candidacy for the Presidency with the Federal Election Commission. Today, I stand before you and make that statement a reality.

Unlike the 3 Presidents since Reagan, I will not bring shame to, or make America look weak. If anything, I will instill fear into criminals, our enemies, and especially terrorists – both foreign and domestic.

Terrorism and crime are a cancer upon American society that needs to be eradicated. This is my instrutment to eradicate this cancer and allow innocent Americans like yourselves, to once again live without fear of being attacked.

Additionally, unlike our previous 3 presidents I will not be sueded by “Big Business” nor political party backroom politics when it comes to Governoring this country. I am here to serve you and all Americans. I will bring peace into your lives.

My Magikal Path name is; Lord Ares – The Greek God of War. Like Clinton and the two Bush Presidents, I will bring war. However, unlike them, I will not send innocent Americans to their deaths.

On day one of my Presidency, I will unleash Hades’ Fire upon terrorism and those who support them. I will level Mecca to the ground. My first order as President I will order all our service women and men out of Iraq. As the last US Air Transporter is leaving Iraq airspace, bombers armed with Hades’ Bombs will begin a bombing campaign destroying the places where we know the al-Qaeda, insurgence and other terrorist groups who are a threat to us and future generations of Americans. This especially includes Mecca.

Though innocent people who may not support bin Laden and his beliefs will be killed, I feel it is a necessary sacrifice. I sooner kill innocent people in countries that support or hide terrorists, then allow another innocent American to be killed.

Besides foreign terrorists, Americans are threaten daily by domestic terrorism as well. Groups like: the Ku Klux Klan, the Church of Satan, and the Nation of Islam all spread messages of hate, just like bin Laden. Upon becoming President I will have my Death Dealers hunt these terrorists down, and bring them to me, to face justice. I will then IMPALED!

I will quickly dispose of those who spread hate trash, and end the stinking smell of hatred that is choking us ALL.

Every American has a constitutional right to belief and live as they want. However, no American has a right to spread hatred against another American. Nor does any American have a right to say what a couple in love can and can’t do.

What am I talking about? Gay and Lesbian relationships. Under my Presidency; Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders will have no better friend in The White House than me.

The US Constitution does not state that same sex couples can’t marry. Hence as President and an Ordained Dark Priest, I will marry them. Then let me see a state tell them their marriage is null and void. If a state official does, I will IMPALE them for it!

States represent government, that is not always for the American citizens that reside there. Hence, I will change the name of this Country to The Nation of United Americans. In the last couple of decades this nation has become divided. Under me, Americans will unite. As the saying goes; “United we stand. Divided we fall.” The time has come for us to stop falling in a negative spiral, and start reaching for the stars, along with making the American Dream a reality.

There have been postings on the Net, in which some have called me the “Anti-Christ.” Well, I am against Christian hypocrites, like King George and his Christian Right wing cronies. I am against Professional Christians – who preach one thing, but do another. So, I guess for lack of a better word, I am the “Anti-Christ.” But, unlike certain former Christian Presidents, especially the present President, I will not only fight, but I am willing to die to protect every American, and their rights.

My home state of New Jersey is known as the Crossroads of the American Revolution. Today, this proud Jersian declares in 2009 America will begin a new era. An era that our Founding Fathers fought and died for over 230 years ago, that we haven’t enjoyed for decades.

Victory is the birth right of the Vampyre. On Jan. 20, 2009 all Americans will prosper from my victory. Because this American Vampyre is out for BLOOD! The BLOOD of our enemies!

My name is Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey, and I am your next President! I GUARANTEE IT!!!!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Mexico, Leave The American Dog Along or ELSE!!!

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

As many of you know, I have all intentions on becoming the next President of this great Nation. Unlike King George “Worthless” Bush, I will not coward to terrorists, nor to foreign leaders. Terrorists, criminals and world leaders will fear me, and once again respect this Nation, as the greatest Nation in the history of mankind.

I will never allow an innocent American to be harmed, or killed by any terrorist throughout the world. Nor will I allow any country to wrongly imprison an innocent American. Especially when that American was making the world safer by capturing a lowlife convicted rapist.

Duane “The Dog” Chapman went into Mexico to capture convicted rapist Andrew Luster. “Dog” did this, when no one would or could capture this menace to the civilized world.

Now Mexico wants to imprison “The Dog.” And it seems that an idiot communist American judge will order “Dog” to be extradited to Mexico.

Listen up Mexico. If you take an American Hero like “Dog” and place him in one of your nightmare, inhumane prisons, immediate after I become President on 20 Jan 09 I will order an US Bomber to fly over Mexico City, and drop a few Hades’ Bombs on selected targets. While Mexico City is dealing with the aftermath of the bombing, I will have the US Army rescue “Dog” from the rat hole prison he is in, and bring him back home to America.

Additionally, I will have my special elite group of military trained soldiers, capture Mexico’s President, and bring him to The White House. I will torture him, and then Impale him for the entire world to see, what the consequents are if you wrongly imprison an American.

Please check out: and help however you can. Also, please write your Congressman along with Senators, and demand they protect “Dog” from being extradited to Mexico.

An American President shouldn’t be a spineless puppet. He should be willing to fight and defend each American from injustices. Bush is such a spineless puppet, and as a result innocent Americans are suffering each and everyday.

The time for change is now at hand. Starting in 2009, I promise you all, no innocent American will have to live in fear.

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey

Jonathon The Impaler Sharkey For President 2008

Are you tired of traditional politicians who care more about their political party, and major contributors, than you?

Are you tired of living in fear? Fed up with terrorists, criminals, corrupt politicians, law enforcement that abuse their powers and act like "KGB Agents?"

Do you want a change in government? Would you love to live in a nation that reminds you of Camelot?

Where everyone lives without fear of criminals, and having their leaders sell them out? Are you hoping to have a peaceful and tranquil life?

Looking for a leader who is of the people, for the people?

Then Jonathon "The Impaler" is your answer. The Impaler will end the reign of terrorism that this nation has been suffering under for years. Terrorists and criminals will live in fear of Jonathon, instead of instilling fear in the innocent.

Since Muslims cannot control their own people (bin Laden, al-Qaeda members and other radical Muslim groups), Jonathon will drop Hades' Bombs on Mecca, leveling it to the ground. Just like bin laden did to our Twin Towers. Jonathon says; "Osama bin Laden and his followers are just like their (false) prophet Muhammad. They're nothing more than BITCHES! Hence, Muhammad is the (false) prophet of BITCHES!

The Impaler will end the domestic terrorism that spreads messages of hate and violence against Americans. Jonathon along with his Death Dealers will end the reign of terror caused by the Ku Klux Klan, the Church of Satan and the Nation of Islam.

They will also put an end to police brutality. The Los Angeles and the Speedway Police Departments (IN) are a prime example of American "KGB" police tactics. Jonathon and his Death Dealers will execute every officer of these departments, and let their blood cover the streets they are suppose to protect, instead of terrorize.

Americans will not have to fear these or any groups/departments that abuse Americans and/or promotes hatred.Jonathon will support Stem-Cell research and medical advancements to help cure those who suffer from diseases along with other medical problems.

Jonathon DOES NOT support Abortion upon demand - Abortion to be used as a form of birth control. Only in cases of rape, incest, or the life/health/well-being of the mother, does Jonathon support the use of Abortion.

As an Ordained Satanic Dark Priest, Jonathon is allowed to perform marriages. He will not only allow Same-Sex Marriages, but will perform them at least once, if not twice a month at The White House.

Jonathon is also appalled by the statements made by Venezuela President Chavez while at the UN. Jonathon feels Chavez insulted Lucifer by saying Bush was the Devil.

The Impaler wants to bring Camelot to Americans, and give every American an equal share of the pie.

Jonathon knows the pain of being a victim of; domestic terrorism, criminals, abuse of government and police powers. No other government leader or candidate can say that. This will enable him to institute laws that will address these problems.

Of course, being "The Impaler," Jonathon will viciously Impale those convicted of these atrocities.

Law abiding American citizens will never have to fear being Impaled by Jonathon. Only, the criminals and terrorists who prey upon them.

To fix the problems the average American faces daily, you need to elect a person who has endured the hardships Americans face on a daily basis. Someone who will fight and die if need be, like our Founding Fathers did, to see America and Americans prosper again.

Jonathon "The Impaler" is an American with strong convictions and desires to change the downward spiral this nation is on. He will also change the name of the United States of America to: The Nation of United Americans. The reasoning behind this, to symbolize unity among Americans, not States that represent big government.

To find out more about your future President, and his ideas to bring peace along with ending terrorism/criminal attacks, please read this site;