Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My Personal IMPALING List.

Many reporters have asked me who is on my personal IMPALING List when I become PRESIDENT of America, or come into power through Lucifer. As I state on my Campaign website on page entitled Impaling List, I would announce the name of those who have either; violated my rights, attacked me, took people or things away from me that I hold dear, attached those closest to me, or committed IMPALEABLE Acts that the Courts have given them only a slap across the hand.

Well, here is my top 13;

1) Jeffery Hite - is a Master Sergeant in the IRAQIANA Air National Guard, as well as a Catholic, who thinks it is perfectly fine to kick little chickens like they are footballs. I am now adding Animal Cruelty as an Impaleable Offense. Hence, Jennifer as I call him, will feel my wrath for not only attacking little chickens, but for taking someone from me, who is very dear and near to my heart. He's a BITCH! And I will torture and beat him, like the WORTHLESS BITCH he is.

2) Pope Benedict XVI - he is the Pope of BITCHES. He thinks the Catholic Church is the 'only true Christian Religion.' I have friends who are Christian Ministers, who are extremely "Christ Like." Hence, I feel Benedict is the 2nd Hitler. Adolf killed over 6,000,000 innocent Jews. Who will Benedict try and slaughter? Before he and the Vatican attacks people from my Communities, I will see him IMPALED!

I have already declared a "Holy War" on the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Let's see how tough they are, when instead of being the hunters of Witches, they are now the hunted of a Hecate Witch, who is also a Satanic Sanguinarian Vampyre.

3) Susan Ann Holtsclaw - she is my former fiancee, and the once love of my life. I tried to get her off of drugs and alcohol, along with address her continual dangerous behavior of DWI/DUI using the Indianapolis District Court, as a legal remedy. In return for my love and caring, Susan not only had me wrongly incarcerated once, but three times. The Bitch must now face, what every other American will face if they wrongly violate another American's Rights, and especially have an innocent wrongly incarcerated - My IMPALING STAKE! No free rides, no special privileges for anyone.

4) James Moneypenny - he is now my former father-in-law who was convicted of scamming over $70,000 from an elderly couple. See: http://www.ohioinsurance.gov/Newsroom/scripts/Release.asp?ReleaseID=3883 I will not tolerate anyone taking advantage of the elderly.

5) Marion County (IN) Judge Gary L. Miller - he wrongly incarcerated me for 150 days, for trying to stop my former fiancee from killing herself with drugs, alcohol and DWI/DUI.

6) Peggy Holtsclaw - my ex-fiancees mother who could careless about her daughter killing herself slowly, and endangering innocent people.

7) Judge Shelia Carlisle - is another Marion County Judge who overstepped her authority involving my federal court matter trying to save Susan.

8) Judge Cale Bradford - The Marion County Judge who ordered divorcing parents not to teach their children about Wicca.

9) Commission Amy Barns - is Bradford's Commissioner who hates witches as well.

10) Speedway Police Detective Dale Horstman - who protects Susan from getting caught while DWI/DUI and who had me wrongly arrested in 2003.

11) Ronald W. Oakes - who was Susan's attorney, and almost got her convicted of a federal crime, because he took advantage of her.

12) Lourdes Flash - my ex-wife has screwed up my two children lives that I have from her.

13) Barbara Malone - another one of Susan's attorneys that was a screw up. Because of her incompetence, she caused Susan to be sanction by Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker.

And if Michael Vick gets convicted of Animal Cruelty charges, may his God have mercy on him, for I won't!

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