Saturday, September 1, 2007

To Clear the Record!

Greetings My Fellow Americans,

There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet about me in the last two years. At times the talk was correct. At times it was partially correct. And other times it was blatant lies.

Wikipedia has a page about me. On it the page it says I was arrested on 13 Jan 06 for outstanding warrants from IRAQIANA (Indiana – those who think it is an American state).

How could I have been arrested on 13 Jan 06 when I has announced I was running for Governor of Minnesota? And the following week was in NYC.

They say I was arrested for STALKING my former ex-fiancée and girlfriend Susan Ann Holtsclaw. But, they do not say that the charge was dropped on 29 Sept 03., and the reasons behind it. Nor do they say how she was my Congressional and eventual Presidential Campaign Treasurer.

They say the STALKING charge was dropped when I plead guilty to two counts of Invasion Of Privacy. They do not say; that what I said in court was; I admit to serving Susan federal and legal paperwork/pleadings in accordance to the Fed. R. Civ. P. and Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, because she was Pro Se, no attorney of record..

Nor do they say how Susan lied in court saying she had an attorney of record in the court matters where judgments were eventually issued against her and her mother in the 13th Circuit Court. The Court also supplied the Indianapolis District Court the court/case history that no attorney was ever entered.
As far as FORMER Federal Magistrate Judge V. Sue Sheilds statement about me. I cursed that fugly bitch out during a Pre-Trial Conference on 4 Oct 04, and enjoyed every minute of it. I also told her I'd see her removed from the bench withing two years. Well, last September 2006, the bitch left the bench. 23 months after I told her I'd see her leave.
My curses and hexes work really well when I place them on someone!

They mention that I use Kathleen B.”Kat” Sharkey as an alias. Yet, knowing she exist (she’s done a few interviews of her own. Everyone is making money off of me it seems), and that she is my half-sister, they will no post, though I tried to proof it to them, that Kat has my General Power Of Attorney and has acted in my behalf without my approval. She has also represented me in court, and won.

Did I have sex with Kat? I did, and loved every heated moment of passion. Granted, we had sex the first time in the second weekend of August in 1988, and I didn’t know she was my half-sister (I found out in 1996). But, after 1996 I not only seduced her, but enjoyed every passionate moment of it.

I had a Pagan Hand Fasting with Kat in 2005, after she told me she was pregnant. I later found out she lied to being pregnant. I did eventually get her pregnant, but once she lost the baby, I left her.

The last night I had sex with her was in May 2007. If she has her way, I am sure that will not be the last time.

If you look at her MySpace profile: you will see why I can’t resist her. Could you? If you look at her pictures, you'll see the family resemblance.

I’ve never did anything in her name, without her permission; writing email responses or comments, etc…

It is true in the last year, I have been involved with 3 teenagers; Spree who I married. Sheila and Meranda.

Sheila wasn’t truthful about her age to me. But, I was more attracted to her intellectually, instead of sexually. She was hot, but I enjoyed using my brain power, instead of a physical power with her.

I truly do miss talking to her. Even though she’s Catholic, she is a Vampyre. A very wise girl beyond her years.

Unlike with Sheila, I was and am very attracted to Meranda. This girl is simply beautiful and gorgeous. Granted, I knew from the beginning she was young, but the way she looked in a medieval dress, brought out the Royal Blood in me.

In my heart, Meranda is not only my Princess, but my wife. She is the Lady Of My Heart.

Unfortunately, she may force me to live up to my word in regards to dealing with TERRORISTS or those professing to be part of a terrorist organization. I pray that she only lied to me.

After I get back from being down the Vatican, I will address Meranda’s statements, as well as her PUNK ASS BITCH of a father’s threat to me. If I was him, I’d bow before me when I get back from the Vatican, and beg for mercy. Or better yet, he should just disappear from this world.

As you will see soon in the lyrics to my song called; Meranda (I wrote it for her), she has captivated my heart. But, I am a Vampyre and am loyal to my kind.

I have wrestled and raced as; Rocky Flash and Tarantula! I’ve never hide what and who I am.

When I get approval to attack the Vatican, I will leave no doubt that I am the most vicious and sadistic person on this earth. What I have planned for Pope Benedict, will made Lucifer shake in fear of me. Vlad The Impaler will no longer be considered the most ruthless punisher in history, I will be!

Upon my return to the US, there will be a new way the people of this Country are treated. It is time for Americans to live the American Dream. Not the Bush-monkey nightmare.

If Bush wants to try me again, then BITCH face me! Don’t send your idiots after me, face me the way I will face Pope Benedict!

I do not regret what I endured trying to help Susan overcome her drug and alcohol addiction. I loved her, and felt it was the right thing to do. In November 1989, instead of standing my ground with the woman I was planning to marry, and trying to get her help for her addictions, I walked away from her. My political career was more important to me, than her. She died on 29 Mar 01. If I would have worried less about myself, and more about her, she’d be alive today. I personally blame myself for her death.

Regardless what Meranda does to me, I know she has issues that need to be addressed. I will not abandon her, even if I am forced to stay true to my words. I will not Impale her for what she said. I do not feel she has committed an Impaling offense. Her parents though, they will get my point when I return from the Vatican.

And to her parents, I say in regards to Meranda, you can’t my memories.

If anyone has any question for me, email me;

Nel Sangue,

Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey

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